ToneSpeak Bass Guitar Speakers

Elevate your bass experience with ToneSpeak Bass Guitar Speakers! Available in 10", 12", and 15" sizes, these speakers are designed to redefine your sound. Crafted with sturdy stamped steel chassis and inside/outside copper voice coils on fiberglass formers, they can withstand the most demanding performances without sacrificing power.

Plus, the incorporation of neodymium magnets enhances portability by eliminating excess weight, and delivers exceptional high-end through the lower inductance motor design.

Whether you crave thunderous lows or crystal-clear highs, ToneSpeak Bass Guitar Speakers deliver unparalleled versatility and performance, making it the ultimate choice for discerning bassists. Don't just hear your music; feel it like never before. Elevate your tone, elevate your performance with ToneSpeak.

Three Sizes, Limitless Possibilities:

Each model is designed to cater to your unique sound preferences and performance needs.

10" Bass Guitar Speakers


ToneSpeak 10" Bass Guitar Speaker


10" bass GUITAR SPEAKER - 150 Watts

ToneSpeak 10" Bass Guitar Speaker


10" bass GUITAR SPEAKER - 250 Watts

12" Bass Guitar Speakers


ToneSpeak 12" Bass Guitar Speaker


12" bass GUITAR SPEAKER - 150 Watts

ToneSpeak 12" Bass Guitar Speaker


12" bass GUITAR SPEAKER - 250 Watts

15" Bass Guitar Speakers


ToneSpeak 15" Bass Guitar Speaker


15" bass GUITAR SPEAKER - 250 Watts

ToneSpeak 15" Bass Guitar Speaker


15" bass GUITAR SPEAKER - 500 Watts


Key Features:

Lightweight Neodymium Magnets:

Experience unparalleled portability with neo. Our advanced neodymium magnets ensure a feather-light feel while delivering earth-shattering bass tones.

Precision Inside/Outside Copper Voice Coils:

Our inside/outside copper voice coils wound on fiberglass formers are designed to withstand the most demanding performances by improving heat dissipation while delivering a smooth bass response.

Robust Stamped Steel Chassis:

Built to withstand the rigors of the road, our lightweight stamped steel chassis ensures durability without sacrificing the agility you demand.

Why neo magnets?  Neodymium magnets offer several benefits when used in loudspeakers for bass guitar applications, including:

Reduced Weight: Neodymium magnets are significantly lighter than traditional ferrite magnets. This weight reduction makes the speaker more portable and easier to handle, which is particularly important for bass guitarists who often transport heavy equipment.

Compact Design: Neodymium magnets are powerful despite their small size. This allows for more compact speaker designs without sacrificing magnetic strength, enabling manufacturers to create smaller and lighter speaker cabinets without compromising on performance.

Increased Efficiency: Neodymium magnets have a higher magnetic energy product, resulting in improved efficiency. This means the speaker can convert more electrical power into acoustic output, leading to greater volume levels and improved overall performance.

Enhanced Transient Response: The fast response time of neodymium magnets contributes to improved transient response. This is crucial for bass guitar applications, as it allows the speaker to accurately reproduce the fast and dynamic attack of bass notes.

Clearer Sound: Neodymium magnets contribute to reduced distortion and interference, resulting in a clearer and more accurate sound reproduction. This is particularly important for bass frequencies, where maintaining clarity can be challenging.

Higher Power Handling: Neodymium magnets can handle higher power levels without saturating. This is essential for bass guitar speakers that need to handle the low-frequency, high-energy signals produced by bass guitars and amplifiers.

Wide Frequency Response: Neodymium magnets contribute to a wider frequency response range, allowing bass guitar speakers to accurately reproduce both the low-end punch and the higher harmonics of bass tones.

With ToneSpeak, you're not just getting a speaker – you're getting a true partner in your musical journey. Whether you're jamming in the studio, rocking the stage, or creating in your own space, our speakers will be your ultimate sonic companion.