ToneSpeak Guitar Speaker Demos

Jack Fossett

(Oct 06, 2021) -- Jack Fossett, independent and award-winning guitarist, singer and songwriter, demos the Birmingham 1275 and Liverpool 1275. Both models are loaded into a Marshall JTM45 Bluesbreaker, using a Gibson SG, a One Control Dyna Red Distortion 4K and a Prussian Blue Reverb.

Matthew Lee

(Sep 30, 2021) -- Matthew Lee, co-founder of the Nashville Guitar Community and an accomplished multi-genre professional guitarist, tests the Austin 1250

Chris Condon

(May 6, 2021) -- Chris Condon, musical director and guitar player for Billy Ray Cyrus, test drives the Liverpool 1275, Austin 1250, Manchester 1290 and Birmingham 1275. In these demos, Chris uses a two-knob Keely Compressor, RC Booster, Fulltone OCD and Strymon TimeLine, and plays through a Fender Princeton Reverb.

Jeff King

(April 26, 2021) -- Jeff King, prominent recording and touring musician for artists like Reba McEntire, Faith Hill, Josh Turner, demos the Liverpool 1275, Manchester 1290, Birmingham 1275 and Austin 1250. Jeff is playing through a '65 Deluxe with his G-bender Glaser Telecaster.

John Szetela

(Apr 19, 2021) -- John Szetela demos the Austin 1250, Birmingham 1275 and Liverpool 1275. He is using a brown Fender Deluxe for his amp and he uses the Strymon Flint, Wampler Ethereal, Wampler Tape Echo and MXR Phase 95.

Randy Kohrs

(Apr 16, 2021) -- Randy is playing a Lapsteel built by resonator guitar guru, Tim Scheerhorn. It is outfitted with Lollar "Chicago Steel" pickups and it being played through a Little Walter Tube Amps 59 amplifier. Randy is showcasing the ToneSpeak Liverpool 1275, Birmingham 1275, Manchester 1290 and Austin 1250.

Andy Reiss

(Mar. 22, 2021) -- The jazz master himself, Andy Reiss, demonstrates the tonal qualities of the Austin 1250, Liverpool 1275, Birmingham 1275 and Manchester 1290.

Dave Baker

(Mar 19, 2021) -- Dave Baker demonstrates the tonal qualities of the Austin 1250, Liverpool 1275 and Birmingham 1275.